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The college was established in 2004. It has been affiliated to the University of Mysore and recognized by the National Council for Teacher Education.

Our Goal :
To contribute good Teachers for the society.

Our Vision :

  • To pursue the spirit of learning creativity & challenge.

  • To establish high quality institution that will equip the students with the competitive edge with regard to academic excellence.

  • To support all round development of the personality among the student teachers with special emphasis on character building.

  • To mould the student teachers by inculcating rich, moral and spiritual values to develop into good human being.

  • To assist to have all the good qualities of a true teacher.

Our Mission :

  • Disciplinary simplicity, high thinking & respectable knowledge.

  • Developing professionalism among teachers to improve the teaching standards in the surrounding areas.

  • Developing creativity among teachers in order to nurture creativity in the future generation.

Our College Emblem

The college emblem represents the importance of education in the society. The Veena & the Lotus symbolize Saraswathi the goddess of education. The open book denotes the Quest for knowledge.

Our Objectives

  • To develop intellectual level of the student teachers by enabling them to acquire knowledge of different components of teacher education.

  • To develop a sense of social responsibilities towards society by inculcating social values among student teachers.

  • To enable the students to make use of their theoretical practical knowledge so that  they can co-operate with each other & can plan excite & evaluate teaching community

  • To develop life skill, communication skills micro teaching skills for effective teaching.

  • To develop skills necessary to use emerging technologies.

  • To adopt teaching profession as a means of social service as well as a means of self realization.

  • To imbibe quest of learning to keep abreast of latest development in the field of education.

  • After getting the feedback from the staff the head of the institution convinces governing council meetings of the college to ensure that valid information is made known to the management to review the activities if the institution.

  • To mould the student teachers by inculcating rich, moral and spiritual values to develop into good human beings.

  • To develop self discipline & self confidence among student teacher.

  • To develop competitive attitude among student teacher.

  • Encourage the student teacher's co-operation & Interactions.

  • Encourage self evaluation & innovative attitude among students.

The college is situated at the center of Hassan city Behind D. R. KARIGOWDA RESIDENCY B. M. ROAD, It is housed in its own building with wide play ground around.

The Course:
The college offers the degree of Bachelor of Education of one academic year as per the regulations of the University of Mysore. The academic year usually begins in the month of November / December.

The college library has over 4000 books on different aspects of education. Both open access and borrowing systems are provided to encourage reading habits in the trainees. The college subscribes over ten journals on education.

Duration of the Course :
The B.Ed., Course shall extend over one academic year of 36 working weeks (not less than 200 days) divided into two terms and the final examination will usually begin one week after the closing of the second term.


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